The Magus Lab Public Version (WIN)

Hello everyone.
We completed public version of The Magus Lab for Win.
As in web version it contains 3 levels, 1 slave, many guests and  little story of Grace in comic pages.
Thank you for your support and lets try it for free! ;)

>>>The Magus Lab Public Version(WIN)<<<


Looking for writers!

Hello, guys.
We really need writers right now. If you want to see your text illustrated by our artist in our projects- plze write us.
We have detailed plot plan which is separated to parts so you can try to take any part to make some text right now :3 (you don't need to make all story part if you don't want to)
Contacts here: brozekscontacts@gmail.com
Thank you for attention! :)


The Magus Lab Public Version

Hello everyone.
We completed public web version of The Magus Lab and share it at Newgrounds.
At the moment public version contains 3 levels, 1 slave, many guests and  little story of Grace in comic pages.
Thank you for your support and lets try it for free! ;)

>>>The Magus Lab Public Version<<<



Hello guys!
Thank you so much for supporting our projects!
We've done a lot of art, wrote a lot of code.  But we also want up our writing skills to the next level.
So in first we need help in proofreading for a lot of text, in second continue/improve plot of our games as a writer.
From our side if you can write we add art for your story, if you proofreader we give you tons of text.
If you want to participate in the development of our projects, don't be shy just email us!
Contacts here: brozekscontacts@gmail.com


New enemy concept art (male patient) #2

New enemy concept art (male patient) #1

Hello everyone.
We decided add more male enemies. As I said before we plan many sex scenes with enemies, so we need some male enemies for sex with nurses, officers, moms, daughters and etc.
Each enemy have personal skills and abilities. We almost complete work on new enemies. Update will be available, when we add new enemies and complete some debug tests.
Thank you for support! Update is coming soon! :)


New enemy concept art (trap) #2

New enemy concept art (trap) #1

Hello everyone. 
Here is new enemy for Servant's Chamber. Also I forgot to announce new feature for the next update. It is tag-filter and scenes for enemies. If with tag-filter all clear, scenes for enemy will be trigger randomly in random room with sexual content. 
Thank you for supporting us! Update is coming soon! =)


The Magus Lab update

Hello guys!
First of all I want to say thank you for your patience and support! It is very important for me and my team! :3
We completed new version for The Magus Lab!
In short what new we have here:
1) Five full levels of lab
2) Around 7 different buildings
3) 12+ different guest skins
4) Several slaves and many different work for them
5) Many different items for each slave with many stats
6) A lot of craft items, plants and etc.
7) Several unique scenes for night guests (will be more 20 in future)
8) And many many many other things... ;)
Main platform for game is complete, but it is still alpha version. So if you find any bugs you can leave it here.
Most part hard work also completed. In future we will concentrate on frequency updates with new scenes, guests and slaves.
Actually we already think on changing slave market. I mean how create cool buy/sell system for slave market.
More on the Magus Lab
Demo version will be available in near time.
Thank you so much! Hope you like it! ;3


Demo for web browser

Finally we have finished work on a demo version for a web browser. It was not as easy as we would like, but we did it, as voted by you. Demo version for web browser you may get here and put your star to our game. :3 http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/688730 The latest version of web browser will be available later. We have not finished all tests for the latest version. ^^' Also we are working hard on new levels for the Servant' Chamber. All dialogues for level 6 is almost finished. All animations for new characters is finished, sexy scenes completed on 50% and programming completed on 30%. We also plan to add a gallery in the game, rework the quest system, add crafting system and change stats for items. We try to keep you up to date. Thank you so much for your support. You can always leave your feedback in the comments. We are always open for communication. =)


Servant's Chamber Difficulty (v.0.13b)

Greetings Everyone!
We have taken your suggestions and added two levels of difficulty. In the future we will pay more attention to the game balance.

Get the latest version for all platforms here:

Get public demo for all platforms here:

If you want to participate in the development of the game as a writer, please contact us. We would love to hear your suggestions about plot of game. =)

Thank you for interesting in our games!


Servant's Chamber v.0.12B(WIN + MacOS)

Hello guys! Pleased to announce that the work on the new version of the Servant's Chamber is finished. At moment public demo contains two chapters and the latest update contains five chapters. What's new in the v.0.12B: 1) Added hotkeys for all skills in battle. 2) Fixed all grammar and syntax mistakes. Improved dialog. 3) New battle system, now you may break enemy attack while she is charging. 4) New chapter with new scenes and quests. 5) New scenes for existing chapters with Sophie, Servant and etc. 6) New types of enemies with new talents, skills and intelligence. 7) New items, like equipment, body mods and etc. Which are now influential for the battle system! 8) Added new skills and new mechanics for battle. 9) New chit mode, where you can "simplify" the game process. "Chit mode will be upgraded in time." 10) New debug mode, where you can change hair, eyes of servants and companion skins. "Debug mode will be upgraded in time." 11) New 4 bosses. 12) New devices, which will add variety to the game play. 13) New personal animations for companion skills. 14) Restart boss fight. 15) Changed targeting for some skills. 16) Improved a lot animation and art in the game. 17) Change some animation and improved UI. 18) Fixed dozens bugs and improved game process. 19) Added support for MacOS. Get the latest version for all platforms here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/7239921

Get public demo for all platforms here: http://brozeksadultgames.blogspot.com/p/demo-sc.html
And if you find any bugs, please leave it here: