Looking for writers!

Hello, guys.
We really need writers right now. If you want to see your text illustrated by our artist in our projects- plze write us.
We have detailed plot plan which is separated to parts so you can try to take any part to make some text right now :3 (you don't need to make all story part if you don't want to)
Contacts here: brozekscontacts@gmail.com
Thank you for attention! :)


The Magus Lab Public Version

Hello everyone.
We completed public web version of The Magus Lab and share it at Newgrounds.
At the moment public version contains 3 levels, 1 slave, many guests and  little story of Grace in comic pages.
Thank you for your support and lets try it for free! ;)

>>>The Magus Lab Public Version<<<



Hello guys!
Thank you so much for supporting our projects!
We've done a lot of art, wrote a lot of code.  But we also want up our writing skills to the next level.
So in first we need help in proofreading for a lot of text, in second continue/improve plot of our games as a writer.
From our side if you can write we add art for your story, if you proofreader we give you tons of text.
If you want to participate in the development of our projects, don't be shy just email us!
Contacts here: brozekscontacts@gmail.com