Bug report SC

                                                                     Hello there!
We want to find all bugs and know your opinion about this game, to make our game better, so if you find any bugs, please write it here.

Thank you for your help! 


  1. Bugs:
    - if the nurse enemy is the last alive it can sometimes heal faster than DPS, causing them to be unkillable
    - unable to target enemies behind other enemies in order to interrupt them
    - 'Take Dog' damage does not appear to be affected by anything

    Balance issues:
    - pinch collar is primarily used as an interrupt now, which makes the skill which boosts it's damage somewhat useless
    - since mana and HP restore item drops are random, it's frequently possible to slowly run out of health if there is insufficient mana to restore
    - the current combat skill system can often result in the skill you want not being available to you: since many of the skills in this version use more stamina, and stamina is now at a premium, this can be unfairly punishing in combat

  2. Cant find Bugs is the download links are down

  3. Hard to Find Bugs is all your download links on Patreon are down

  4. bug- We, your patreons, can't download current game from patreon because you guys were banned from mega and haven't done anything about it or responded on patreon in almost a week. Where are the devs? I just want to play your game yo!

  5. everytime a room with a fight is entered, the window minimizes to a very small window making it unplayable. Happens whether full screen is enabled or not.