Bug report The Magus Lab

Hello there!
 We want to find all bugs and know your opinion about this game, to make our game better, so if you find any bugs, please write it here.

Thank you for your help! 


  1. Hi

    I am now at level 5 of the magus lab. I just got the mission to build a mine. However, i can not figure out on where to build it. There is no "Plus Sign" whatsoever.

    Perhaps its hidden somewhere but can not find it...

    1. Hello. Mine locate under chamber room. Enable building mode and check it there. :)

  2. Gave an issue with how big the game supposed to be, the potion making icon is buried below the house so i switched my resolution and that made everything wonky, played with it serveal times before i got the icon not to be overlaped but the game it self is very small. Dont know if it was cause i opened the game in 2k or not.

  3. Hey, ive downloaded the alpha .11 and as soon as i build the mine and get to lvl 5 the game ends there, i read that there is supposed to be more like breeding etc but i cant access any of this?

  4. Hello, did a dry run of 0.25A, 2 bugs I found related to inventory:
    -I've looted a cow bell in a chest and I could not equip it on any character (tried all slots).
    -I found a exploit to duplicate any item: Click barrel to open inventory, click on any item, close inventory (item still under mouse cursor), open inventory again, place item anywhere in inventory, item is duplicated.

    Nice work, very promising !