New enemy concept art (male patient) #2

New enemy concept art (male patient) #1

Hello everyone.
We decided add more male enemies. As I said before we plan many sex scenes with enemies, so we need some male enemies for sex with nurses, officers, moms, daughters and etc.
Each enemy have personal skills and abilities. We almost complete work on new enemies. Update will be available, when we add new enemies and complete some debug tests.
Thank you for support! Update is coming soon! :)


New enemy concept art (trap) #2

New enemy concept art (trap) #1

Hello everyone. 
Here is new enemy for Servant's Chamber. Also I forgot to announce new feature for the next update. It is tag-filter and scenes for enemies. If with tag-filter all clear, scenes for enemy will be trigger randomly in random room with sexual content. 
Thank you for supporting us! Update is coming soon! =)


The Magus Lab update

Hello guys!
First of all I want to say thank you for your patience and support! It is very important for me and my team! :3
We completed new version for The Magus Lab!
In short what new we have here:
1) Five full levels of lab
2) Around 7 different buildings
3) 12+ different guest skins
4) Several slaves and many different work for them
5) Many different items for each slave with many stats
6) A lot of craft items, plants and etc.
7) Several unique scenes for night guests (will be more 20 in future)
8) And many many many other things... ;)
Main platform for game is complete, but it is still alpha version. So if you find any bugs you can leave it here.
Most part hard work also completed. In future we will concentrate on frequency updates with new scenes, guests and slaves.
Actually we already think on changing slave market. I mean how create cool buy/sell system for slave market.
More on the Magus Lab
Demo version will be available in near time.
Thank you so much! Hope you like it! ;3


Servant's Chamber New Animations

Hello guys!
Nice to represent you new animations from future update. We are trying a new format of sharing new content with you guys. You can get demo of new animations here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/692179
This exsamle of animation from future update of Servant Chamber Game.
If you interesting in our game you can play demo version on newground here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/688730


Demo for web browser

Finally we have finished work on a demo version for a web browser. It was not as easy as we would like, but we did it, as voted by you. Demo version for web browser you may get here and put your star to our game. :3 http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/688730 The latest version of web browser will be available later. We have not finished all tests for the latest version. ^^' Also we are working hard on new levels for the Servant' Chamber. All dialogues for level 6 is almost finished. All animations for new characters is finished, sexy scenes completed on 50% and programming completed on 30%. We also plan to add a gallery in the game, rework the quest system, add crafting system and change stats for items. We try to keep you up to date. Thank you so much for your support. You can always leave your feedback in the comments. We are always open for communication. =)