The Magus Lab Public Version (WIN)

Hello everyone.
We completed public version of The Magus Lab for Win.
As in web version it contains 3 levels, 1 slave, many guests and  little story of Grace in comic pages.
Thank you for your support and lets try it for free! ;)

>>>The Magus Lab Public Version(WIN)<<<


  1. Pretty good. Third flower pot maybe could be positioned a touch to the right, so you don't have to zoom-in to see it better. Might even make sense to have the button behave like the well, ie when all flowers are grown and you click on the "plant" button, all of them get harvested. That'd also help if you have the slave work there, as you won't accidentally click on her all the time.

    Some mouse-over help for what buttons etc do would also have been appreciated. And I have to say that it took me quite a while to figure out how to hand that drink to the slave.

    Good job otherwise.

  2. I love your artstyle but I wish I can play a male character instead of a female.