Servant's Chamber v.0.12B(WIN + MacOS)

Hello guys! Pleased to announce that the work on the new version of the Servant's Chamber is finished. At moment public demo contains two chapters and the latest update contains five chapters. What's new in the v.0.12B: 1) Added hotkeys for all skills in battle. 2) Fixed all grammar and syntax mistakes. Improved dialog. 3) New battle system, now you may break enemy attack while she is charging. 4) New chapter with new scenes and quests. 5) New scenes for existing chapters with Sophie, Servant and etc. 6) New types of enemies with new talents, skills and intelligence. 7) New items, like equipment, body mods and etc. Which are now influential for the battle system! 8) Added new skills and new mechanics for battle. 9) New chit mode, where you can "simplify" the game process. "Chit mode will be upgraded in time." 10) New debug mode, where you can change hair, eyes of servants and companion skins. "Debug mode will be upgraded in time." 11) New 4 bosses. 12) New devices, which will add variety to the game play. 13) New personal animations for companion skills. 14) Restart boss fight. 15) Changed targeting for some skills. 16) Improved a lot animation and art in the game. 17) Change some animation and improved UI. 18) Fixed dozens bugs and improved game process. 19) Added support for MacOS. Get the latest version for all platforms here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/7239921

Get public demo for all platforms here: http://brozeksadultgames.blogspot.com/p/demo-sc.html
And if you find any bugs, please leave it here: 


  1. When will the last update be public?
    In terms of content this demo is the same than the one you released a while ago :/

    1. Hello! Thank you for reply!
      Public demo will be updated over time. We will add new chapters, characters, enemies, etc. With the addition of 6 and 7 chapters in the last version of the game, in the public version will be added the third chapter.